Christmas was here!

I’m trying something rather different with pictures this post. Instead of embedding large images, with possibly slow loading, I’m including small images. you can see the large image by clicking on the smaller one. It should appear in a pop-up box by itself. See how this works for you and let me know which solution you like better.

Christmas has come and mostly gone, leaving behind the usual clutter and smiles. The “children” still like to play the stocking game, I think as an exercise in nostalgia, and they still seem to like getting socks and underware along with silly stuff. Flo and I mostly got books, and Andy got mostly music stuff. Almost anything that makes a sound interests him. You can see the Slide Show if you like.

After the opening, it was a very quiet day. We all seem to live such hectic lives that a day of doing essentially nothing was positively delightful. The cat couldn’t decide which lap looked best, so made the rounds all day.


4 comments to Christmas was here!

  • 'Anony-mouse'

    Looks great Papa Bear. You’ve got the set up figured out wonderfully well including pictures, links, and comments. You should be about ready to tackle the professional site now, I would think. :0)

  • Kathy

    Looks like you all had a good Christmas. We were at Ruth’s and it was fun. Hectic but fun. I think the girls had a great time. I have to admit after about 30 hours of 11 people in one house I was ready to leave. I am become quite used to living alone.
    Am enjoying your blog, will try to comment periodicly

  • Thanks for checking it out. We’ll see how interesting it stays.


  • Tali

    It was a great Christmas =)

    About the blog: small pictures are nice. But the time on the comments is a little off…

    I do intend to be a regular reader though =)


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