The Flight of the Hummingbirds

The last of the hummingbirds went south today. We may see a few stragglers, but the smart ones have moved on for another year. I think our unseasonable weather seduced them into staying longer than normal Some time about late August we will start seeing swarms of them again.

Clicking on the picture will lead to a short slide show. I don’t know how many there were, since they are very hard to count, but there were lots. There was a continuous stream between the tree and the feeders. They are also absolutely fearless, probably because nothing can catch them. They do, however, keep their distance from cats and predatory birds. I saw a hawk crash into their tree this summer. There was a crash, then an explosion of birds in all directions. The hawk left empty-clawed.

They are very aggressive among themselves, and several times one bird would decide that a particular feeder was HIS. The others would double-team him, and while he was chasing one, others would slip in an drink. Then they’d trade off. All in all, it didn’t look like a very successful tactic, but then, hummingbirds just aren’t too smart.

Ah well, show’s over for this year.


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