A last word before we go

We’re about to take off for Death Valley, which should be interesting. We’re renting an RV, which we pick up today, then heading out tomorrow morning. I’m going to be interested in how well I tolerate such a large vehicle. I’m also wondering about how the cat is going to take it, since we are planning to take her along with us. Flo’s sister takes their cat along in their RV all the time. I’m not so sure about ours, who’s getting a bit old and set in her ways. I’m looking forward to the getaway. I’ll be completely cut off from all communications, or at least that’s what I intend to claim.

A bit earlier this week, we went to a concert by the UCI wind ensemble. It was pretty good, but seemed a bit short. That’s not really a problem, but it was close to three hours there and back for a concert that was a little over an hour. Still, it was nice to get out and do something different for change.

Kevin and Tali came down Friday night, and spent yesterday at a dance competition at UCSD. We watched it in the afternoon, but didn’t stay for the evening events. The seating was all bleachers, and our bottoms just aren’t up to sitting on bleachers for hours at a time. It was fun to watch, but for me it starts looking pretty repetitious after a while. I like watching Kevin and Tali dance, but I lose interest in watching all of the others.


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  • Kathy

    Sounds like a fun trip. Hope the cat doesn’t want to wander. Have fun and relax.
    The man we bought our RV from several years ago told me when I voiced concern about driving it. “just get the front started and the rest will follow.” I think I called him a smart ***!

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