Death Valley Done

If you want to read the whole story about our Death Valley Trip you should start at the beginning. We’ve posted a selection of pictures, which you can see as a group, or dispersed throughout the postings. I used an off-line blogger to make these posts throughout the vacation, then combined them with the photos and posted to the web when I got home.

Getting home wasn’t quite trivial, since we did it in the middle of a major storm. We didn’t even get out of the camper in the morning, because it was obviously very cold out. Touching a window told us that. We started to get a little nervous when we saw all of the snow as we approached Cajon Pass. Cajon Pass is the lowest one over the mountains, so if that was blocked we were stuck. Luckily, it was open and we made it through into rain and hail in the valley. We arrived home around 10:30, and I’m very glad that we did, because the radio reported that all passes were closed later in the day. Unloading took place in between hail and rain showers.

It was fun, but I don’t think I’d do it quite the same way again. I loved death valley, but the camper was too big for some of the places we wanted to go. I think next time we’ll stay at a hotel and use a smaller vehicle.

The cat seemed to adjust alright, but she’s obviously happier to be home, and recovered almost immediately after we got here. She was a lot of work, and I don’t think she was really any happier than she would have been left at home with a feeder.

A final word. If you expect the desert to be warm and dry, try summer.


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