A Tropical Vacation this year

This is a summary of my May 6 to May 17 trip to the Bahamas. While there I stayed on our boat, the Roseate. Individual posts will cover individual parts of the trip.

Just to finish the story, it wasn’t raining the next morning, so the trip home was uneventful. No lost luggage, no bad weather, and we even got in a little early.


May 6 – Saturday
Fly to from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale
May 7 – Sunday
Fly from Ft. Lauderdale to George Town, Exuma Island, overnight at Stocking Island.
May 8 – Monday
To George Town for Supplies, then South through Hog Key Cut to Dollar Harbor on Long Island
May 9 – Tuesday
Transit South to Crooked Island, overnight at French Wells at Crooked Island
May 10 – Wednesday
to Landrail Point on Crooked Island, explored Crooked Island by car, overnight at French Wells again
May 11 – Thursday
The Bight of Acklins, Long Cay, and Acklins Island
May 12 – Friday
North through the Bight to “the going through”, didn’t go through
May 13 – Saturday
Gun Point & Turtle Sound
May 14 – Sunday
Back to Exuma
May 15 – Monday
Picking up the new outboard in George Town
May 16 – Tuesday
Market, then back to a stable anchorage
May 17 – Wednesday
Going home

General comments on the Roseate


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