Crossing to Crooked Island

We headed southeast to Crooked Island today We were running across the wind, and the rolling was considerable. Unhappy dog, unhappy Donna. Charlie and I are apparently blessed by heredity with a resistance to seasickness, but our cheerful appetite at dinner didn’t seem to cheer the other crew members. Even for us, it made moving around the boat a lot of work.

We got into French Wells pass, about half way down the West side, that afternoon. There was a channel, and we had instructions on following it, but we came in from the wrong angle and ended up running across some 3 ft shallows before we got to it. A couple of local fishermen watched us with disbelief. We anchored in the channel, and they came over to say hello. They were a father and son team from Landrail point, and had an enormous load of conch and fish. They had been cleaning conch and chumming the channel with the leftovers, pulling a great catch on a hand line. The invited us up to see Landrail Point and sold us a couple of beautiful snappers which became dinner a bit later. They were incredibly friendly.

Charlie and I went over to the beach, then up a creek in the dinghy. There are some ruins on the point, but they seem to be things like kitchen shacks instead of anywhere to live. It’s a lovely island. We had the snapper for dinner, then watched the African Queen while Donna slept off the passage.


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