Gun Point, Turtle Sound and the Bird Rock Light

The tide was high this morning, so Charlie and I took the dinghy to go see Gun Point and Turtle Sound. Interestingly, we saw a gun at Gun Point and some turtles in Turtle Sound. I didn’t get any pictures of the turtles, but I did get some of rays that we saw on the trip.

The next item in the order of the day was sitting on the fly bridge listening to lectures while Charlie went snorkeling, then cleaned his catch while Donna fished off the stern. Donna caught some small ones but nothing big enough to keep. The sea was very still, with just enough breeze to keep it comfortable (if that)

We decided to move North and have a look around that end of Crooked Island. On the way we came across Jimmy Buffet’s boats (yes, plural). There was a very clear ring around the sun, and we were starting to get concerned about weather change. We’d seen the Bird Rock Light from the shore, and decided to see it up close and get some better pictures for Kathy. The light house is automated now, but they just stuck it on top of the original gas light and the updated electric light. We took the dinghy over and wandered around, climbing to the top and checking out the interior. We ran into a French family (I think they were a family) who had sailed a catamaran from France. There were two adults and about 6 teens and sub-teens. I can’t imagine what that must be like. They have 3 more months to go on their trip, and are writing it up for some French magazine.

Finally we wandered (carefully) along the North shore, looking for some caves that were alleged to be there. We found them. The book says

In their huge, cathedral-like rooms are stalactites so translucent that the appear carved from white jade.

Which, for some definition of huge is sort of true. We found lots of bats, and there were some stalactites, but very small ones. It was, however more cave than I expected to find in the Bahamas, so I guess I can’t complain.

We went ashore to see the caves and get some time away from the boat while the watermaker worked. It’s very noisy. We visited the caves, then Charlie and Donna went for a walk on the beach. I tagged along for a little way, but soon gave up. Having no ankles that really work makes walking in soft sand extremely hard work, not to mention rather painful. I ended up sitting on the beach waiting for their return. When we got back to the boat it turned out that we had set the watermaker to work filling the wrong tank, which was already half full. We put up with the noise for a while to fill the right tank.

We finally found a weather report with a prediction of a front coming through Sunday night, so we anchored in a place that we could get out of easily, and are planning to get our open-sea transit done as early as we can tomorrow.


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