Once Around the Bight

Today we completed our circumnavigation of the Bight. We cruised North, heading for a passage called the “going through”, which led to a sheltered area on the North side of Acklins Island. We didn’t get through. The water was much too thin, even for the Roseate, which only draws two feet. We gave up and circled back along the North shore of the Bight to French Wells. The tide was out, and the depth depth finder said 2.1 feet of depth on some of the trip. It was a nervous trip in places. Luckily, there weren’t any waves, so we didn’t have to worry about bouncing off the bottom.

We anchored at French Wells again, and went over to the beach for a swim. Afterward we took the dingy up the tidal creek that comes out around there. There were some holes in it with some good-sized fish, and one place where we could see rock walls that lined one side of the creek. I really wonder about the geology here. How did that creek get made? Was there enough flow somehow to cut it through the bank? There certainly isn’t now, as the only flow was a gentle tidal current. Maybe there’s a really fierce wet season?

I spent much of the day idle, as we were just cruising slowly along, and I started thinking about the tools problems for HPC and Sun. It’s much more complicated than we would like to admit, and it’s certainly not “If we build it, they will come.” I think I’ll start a discussion about this on my work blog. Hey, thinking about work again is a good sign! The burnout is receding.


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