Searching for still water

Still no weather front, but we had some strong gusts overnight and the little harbor where we anchored is getting rough. We went to the local market for some supplies, then back to Red Shank for some quiet water. There are a number of other boats anchoring in the area too, so we aren’t the only ones who had this idea.

We had to make more water, so we set it up, and I’m staying on board while it runs. Charlie and Donna went to the beach, but I’m not a fan of beaches, and the noise is almost inaudible up on the fly bridge. So I sat up there, read, and listened to lectures. It’s warm, breezy, and really nice.

The wind has been picking up during the afternoon, and this evening, as we were watching a DVD it started to rain for the first time since I’ve been here. It’s just been getting harder, and shows no signs of stopping. I hope I don’t have to get off to the boat and to the airport in the rain tomorrow. I don’t have any suitable rain gear


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