Weather? What Weather?

Bad weather did not develop overnight, though it is cloudier than it has been. It’s also breezy, and Charlie claims that the crossing would have been harder if we had delayed, and could have been much harder. I am just as glad that we pushed a little.

I took the boat the few miles into Elizabeth’s Harbor at George Town. We went through some mighty thin water, but it wasn’t all that bad because we took it fairly slowly. Anyway, we arrived safely and discovered that Charlie’s new motor had arrived safely. Getting it through customs was another task, involving much paper work and travelling back and forth. Sort of a bureaucratic game of Fetch a Rock.

While Charlie was skipping from one end of the city to another, I checked out a couple of souvenir shops and found nothing of interest. I visited the local library (all volunteer, open 10:00 to 12:00 Monday through Friday, 10:00 to Noon on Saturday). Yes, that’s what the sign says. I chatted for a while with the librarian, who was hoping it would rain, admired their effort, which had produced a pretty good library, and wandered out again to look for something to drink. I spent the rest of the time at an outdoor bar just down the street. Donna eventually joined me, and we had (bad) cheeseburgers for lunch. I just couldn’t resist getting a Cheeseburger in paradise.

We got the motor onto the dinghy, and Charlie has been spending most of the afternoon reading the manual and fiddling with it. To me, it looks awfully big on that little dinghy, but lots of the local dinghies have comparable engines.

The weather is getting darker, as we wait for dinnertime. Donna made reservations for this evening, so we’ll see what a local restaurant is like.

(Dinner Passes) The restaurant was fine, though the air conditioning was startling as we walked in. The food was unexceptional; I had a chicken Caesar salad that wasn’t bad, but wasn’t all that good. It was nice to get some salad, though. My diet on the boat has been significantly veggie challenged!

Still no rough weather, but the wind continues to pick up.


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