A Trip to the County Fair

Flo was helping out at the fair booth for the Machine Knitters Guild, which got her two tickets for free admission. I couldn’t turn this down, so this afternoon I went to join her there. Besides, I like fairs. At least I thought I did.

Either the fair is changing, or I’m changing, or both, because it just wasn’t as exciting as I’ve remembered. Part of the problem may have been low attendance at the fair. The mobs are part of the fun, and there just weren’t very many people there. There really wasn’t a lot of livestock, and there was very little interest from fairgoers. We were walking through the new barn (and a very nice one it is) looking at sheep, and we were the only people there other than sheep owners. There were no small animals or birds at all, but it was probably just not the right time for them. I always like to look at the various crafts, but that wasn’t all that great either. There just didn’t seem to be many entries. There was a great commercial woodworking show, with some absolutely lovely work, though nothing I felt like I wanted.

I think that San Diego is just loosing its rural and semi-rural roots. The back hills are filling up with suburbs as the city creeps out further and further. The only people doing handcrafts in town are old people, so you just don’t get the same interest in the shows. In retrospect I’m not surprised. The Santa Clara County Fair, in the bay area, has gone even farther along this route. We found it disappointing too.

We’re changing too. We don’t have kids at home, and we are planning to move anyway, so things like the garden shows weren’t exciting anymore. The gadgets never were all that interesting, but now we really don’t want more stuff.

Oh well, life changes.


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  • Kathy

    Next week you will be able to get your rural fix. We exude rural.
    See you soon

  • [...] The fair was small, but fun, and definately rural. Lots of 4H exhibits, some animals, some adult handcrafts, and a few commercial exhibits, almost all for local businesses. We ate fair food, pulled pork and an onion flower (really heavy) and came back. I thought it was more fun than the SD fair, though it was only a fraction of the size. Posted by Mike @ 12:13 pm :: Travel Comment RSS :: Trackback URI [...]

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