Another step along the way

This last week we went up to the Bay Area, both to do a final debrief at Sun and to locate temporary quarters to ease our move. Surprisingly, we accomplished both earlier than we expected, and were able to come home on Thursday.

We found a nice three-bedroom apartment, and we expect to move some basic furnishings up over the next couple of weeks. That way I can stay there when I have to be in the Bay Area, and we can keep working on reducing our load down here. When we make the big move, we can live there while we hunt for permanent quarters. It’s also supposed to be an experiment, to see if we actually can stand to live in a condo.

I’m flying back up later today, and I have my “orientation” session at MicroSoft tomorrow. It should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to use eBay to convert bulky items into nice portable cash. It’s the first time I’ve tried selling rather than buying, so we’ll see how it goes.


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