Moving on

It’s all signed and sealed, and I’ve called most of my colleagues whom I wanted to inform personally.

I just accepted an offer from MicroSoft to work for them in the Bay Area. They are starting a new operation there with a focus on multi-threading compilers and tools, and it seems like it’s just made to order for me. I’m not mad at Sun or anything, but they don’t really seem to want what I want to do.

I’ll be moving up to the Bay Area over the next few months. It’s liable to take a while, though, because reducing our load to what we can put in a smaller house is sort of like a going out of business sale for Macy’s. It can’t really be done quickly.

I expect to maintain two households for a while until we get it all finished.

I’m excited by the prospects and ready to go. Until then, I have to do a lot of writing for Sun to get the stuff in my head onto paper for the next person who has to pick it up.


4 comments to Moving on

  • Tali

    Congrats! I look forward to seeing more of you and Flo =)

  • kathy

    Congratulations!! Sounds exciting and like a lot of work.

  • Thanks to both of you. It’s both exciting and a lot of work. Moving is never easy, to say nothing of the job itself :-)

  • Congratulations!

    It sounds as if the “dual household” arrangement is going to be of relatively short duration. In my case, it’s a long-term thing. I’m moving to Seattle to work for (we must get together when you come up to Redmond!), but Merry’s staying in Boston. Her career isn’t really portable: too deeply embedded in in network of Boston area client, consulting, professional and teaching relationships. So we’re going to be spending a lot of time on planes, and using iChatAV!

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