It’s Been a Long Dry Spell

I realize that I haven’t been keeping up my end of this blogging deal, but I have an excuse. This moving stuff is distracting, especially when combined with a new job where I’m trying to learn what’s going on. I’m supposed to initiate a new area using an established framework, so I have to learn the framework. Talk about drinking from a firehose!

Anyway, I keep running around trying to get stuff set up in this apartment, while running back on weekends to sort stuff. It’s kept me busy.

Last night was the first time I did a workout at the apartment complex, and though the CV room was fine (it’s hard to screw up a bicycle) the weigh room had real problems. For example, there was no machine that let you do curls! They didn’t even have free weights. I’ll have to do something about that, either get some weights or find another place.

I went out looking for a Club One, which is the club that MS Pays for. I had an old address for it, and got thoroughly lost in the process. After I sorted that out, I found a Target where I bought a floor lamp so I had light in my bedroom. The store was being remodeled, and it looked like a hurricane had been through it. What I noticed was that people took it with good humor, and there was even a sense of camaraderie from the shared adversity. It was a lot different from the way I remember Palo Alto. People were friendly!

I think we’ll like it here better than in Palo Alto. It sort of makes it worth the trouble.


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