New Job

I’m now officially a MicroSoft employee, having gone through their new employee orientation course. Interestingly, it took a little over two hours to do in Silicon Valley. Had I been in Redmond, I understand that it would have taken a day and a half. In my estimation it had about 15 minutes of useful content, which I could have gotten myself from written or online material. Oh well, at least they fed us lunch.

I’m excited. I had trouble sleeping Monday night, and went to bed early after I got home on Tuesday. Since then I’ve been studying pretty much non-stop. In my spare time, I want to get all of the information I collected when I was working on HPCS transferred to my professional page online. This means carefully filtering out the stuff that is proprietary or confidential, which takes a while. I’m glad that I have an industrial-strength shredder for the paper copies.


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