The State of the Airport

Today I flew up to Redmond to meet with my peers at MicroSoft. The boarding pass, when I printed it out, said to be sure to arrive two hours early. Sooo… At great expense in terms of sleep, I got to the airport at 4:30 for my 6:30 flight. So did a lot of other people, all of whom were waiting for the check-in counter to open at 5:00. Once they finally opened, checking in and getting through the inspection took all of 15 minutes. Nobody was carrying on much, so the inspection was very fast.

There may be some times when getting to the airport two hours early is a good idea, but the first flight in the morning is certainly not it.

Once we got in the air, the flight was smooth and fast. I had a window seat, and got to admire the Cascade mountains on the way up. Seattle was warm and lovely. I’m sorry that I forgot my camera in the rush of outfitting my replacement briefcase.


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