What an Introduction to California

My brother Charlie and his wife Donna came out to visit us in San Diego last week. It started out well, with the usual trips around the coast and mountains. We were trying to get a glimpse of the recent burn, but never did. Then, while Charlie and Donna took in Balboa Park and the zoo, I went and got the small moving truck I’d rented, and got ready to move some bare necessities up to the apartment. The trip was pleasant. We went through the mojave desert, over the Tehachapis, and then up the San Joaquin valley. Charlie saw stuff he’d never seen before, and all was good. We unloaded the truck, and I decided that an old man shouldn’t move stuff himself, even with the aid of his not quite so old brother, but we did get it unpacked and things are ready for me to move up next week. Thanks, Charlie.

Then we decided to go visit San Francisco, and the fun started. We were parked near fisherman’s wharf, and when we got back to the car after doing the tourist routine, the car was open, and somebody had stolen Donna’s purse and my briefcase. Donna and Charlie lost both their passports, both of their phones, all id, and the usual sort of purse stuff. I lost my brand new laptop, my Microsoft badge, my ipod, and some junk. We went to the police station to report it, which took a while, but was evidently enough to let Donna talk her way through airport checkin. I toted up what I had lost and it came out to about $20 more than my insurance deductible. :-(

Important lesson: Your trunk is not secure. According to the police there is a device available that will unlock essentially any remote-control car locks with no skill required.


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