At last, I am awake!

No, I’m not claiming to have reached nirvana, but I do think I’ve gotten enough sleep for the first time in quite a while. The week before last, we moved. Last week, I went to Redmond. This weekend, I slept. I slept 11 hours Friday night, 3 hours Saturday afternoon, 9 hours Saturday night, 1 1/2 hours Sunday afternoon, then 8 hours last night. Today, I actually felt alert and awake without coffee. The last couple of weeks I couldn’t get in that state with a near overdose of caffeine. Things were a lot more productive at work, and I actually feel bloggy ambitions.

I’ve had people asking me about my professional blog, which I haven’t touched since Sun. I think I’m going to set one up on my own website rather than on Microsoft’s blog site. I also have a collection of documents and bibliographic notes that I think I’ll put up there. I had them on the intranet at Sun, and some people actually came to depend on it. The difference is that I can’t put local copies of most of the documents on the web, so I’ll have to locate them again. Fair use may extend to my local group, but not to the whole web.

Oh, we may be in the city now, but we’re right next to a park, and at least the squirrels are abundant. There are the big grey ones, and the little black ones, and the monster kinds that land on our roof and scamper off loudly…..


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