Getting to a new normal

I’d say that things were getting back to normal, but everything is different, so it’s really getting to a new normal. Oh, did I mention that while I was gone to Washington, they moved my office? I have a nice window, looking out at the parking lot and the freeway. It’s actually not bad. The parking lot has trees that are starting to turn, and there are squirrels bouncing around there, too. The soundproofing is good, so I don’t hear the freeway. It’s actually kind of soothing watching the traffic going by. It’s sort of like watching water flow by, but a bit lacking in the aesthetics.

Slowly we’re starting to have more time, and may soon be able to have a social life again. How nice it will be to go out to dinner for good food and pleasant conversation, rather than quick sustenance before getting back to work.


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