Settled Down

We’re finally settled down in a house (not an apartment) and have the rest of our stuff out of storage. I haven’t written anything because I just didn’t feel like it. I haven’t even been reading much, including other blogs. We’ve gotten stuff unpacked, and have even gone on a couple of day trips when the weather was nice. I feel like writing again

We found a house up on a hill side, situated much the same as the one we left in La Mesa. It looks over the valley to the East, and we have a light show at night, and the sunrise every morning. We hadn’t realized how addicted we’d gotten to having the visual space. There’s even some local wildlife about, including deer and humming birds.

The cat evidently likes it a lot better, too. While we were in the apartment she would wake up several times a night and yowl with her “Where is everybody” yowl. That stopped immediately after we moved to the house. It’s as though the house is an acceptable alternate home, while the apartment was an extension of the car trip. I sort of imagine her waking up in the dark and wondering if the nightmare is over. “Can I please wake up and be home now?!!” The difference in behavior is startling.

Having said all this, the house itself needs work. It’s got a great view, but it’s been seriously mistreated as a rental. The last family had small boys who were not well-controlled. The landlord is a nice guy, and his heart is in the right place, but he has a lot going on that distracts him from fixing up the house. Besides, he’s planning to tear it down and build a big one here someday. Fortunately, I don’t mind making small repairs, and at least the bathrooms are working now…

I’ve got a collection of photos from the last couple of months. I’ll post them in a little while.


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  • Diana

    Hi Mike and Flo,

    Glad to hear you are settled in now (and the cat thinks so too).
    I’d love to see pictures of your surroundings and view when you have photos available.


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