An Ashland Fourth

The Fourth turns out to be a big deal in Ashland. If we had known just how big a deal, we’d have skipped the play for that day and just enjoyed the Fourth.

It started with a parade that lasted for about an hour and a half, then everyone moved to the park for booths and the standard Oregon eat-a-thon. That night there were two band concerts and fireworks.

If you are wondering why this took so long to get posted, it’s simple, if sad. I got a new computer with Vista, and working with web photos is a lot harder with it. The system I had set up to work with XP just didn’t work, and it took quite a while to figure out just what would work. Everything about Vista seems a littler clunkier (is that a word?) I mean, Windows XP always seems sort of clunky to me, with everything taking more effort than it should. Vista just seems to be more so. I’ve learned how to turn the worst of it off by now, but things still take a lot longer than they should.


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