Our New House in Southern Oregon

As I said in the last post, we’ve just acquired a house in Southern Oregon. At the moment we have a contractor doing some repairs before we move in. We’re planning on moving sometime during the first couple of weeks in June.

We set out to buy a house in Ashland, which is a small university town famous for its Shakespeare Festival. We’ve visited it often, and last summer we decided to retire there. We looked at quite a few houses in Ashland, which is built along the side of a mountain, but all of the nice houses had lots of stairs, which our bodies don’t like much anymore. Also, They all seemed to be really close together compared to what we’ve become used to. We expanded our search, and found a house on two acres in rolling hills that seem to fit well. It’s also only 5 miles from downtown Ashland, and the trip is a fast one.

I think we are going to like it there. The house has great views, but of a different kind than we found in Ashland. The area is a mix of farming, mostly pear orchards, and residents on bits carved out of farms.


3 comments to Our New House in Southern Oregon

  • kathy

    It looks wonderful, I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

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  • Diana

    Hi Mike and Flo,

    Your new home looks and sounds wonderful in beautiful environment! A little different from the LA freeways you saw done here on last visit, huh?
    Thinking of you in the move-in process! I can relate and still unpacking as of today.


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