Yreka (The Great White Mountain)

Yreka (Why-ree-ka) is a small town about 25 miles South of the Oregon border. The name is said to come from the local native language and means “great white mountain”. The picture shows why.

We really don’t know much about the town, though we expect to learn more, but just driving by makes it look interesting. As you approach from the south, you encounter a barn advertising the State of Jefferson. Then you come to a statue of a cow (Moo-donna) in the middle of the field. It turns out that it was created by a local artist, Ralph Starritt. We drove by his shop and looked for a moment, but didn’t have time to explore properly.

As you leave town, you encounter a dragon to the right of the road. There’s no easy way to stop and look closely, but it’s an impressive bit of work. I wish we knew who made this one.


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