Cold Weather

This has been a weird winter, the warmest on record, but after some very spring-like weather that coaxed the blossoms out we had a hard freeze and snow. For example, we had a small snowstorm today. In the valley, it was mixed with rain, and it didn’t stick here, but it’s got the growers worried.

Personally I thought it was a good excuse to drag out some pretty pictures. There are three groups: one last winter with what passes for heavy snow around here, one in December when we had freezing fog, and one a day or so ago. It’s nothing compared with the midwest, but it’s still pretty exotic for a Florida boy.


2 comments to Cold Weather

  • Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I came over to see your blog in return, and was impressed at the way you use the photos, cropping a thin layer out of a larger picture. I’m not much of a photographer–as you can tell from my blog–but I think I may be looking at photos in a new way.

    Couldn’t figure out how to comment on the section about the heading pictures, so I’m just glomming this onto what I think is the latest post.

    Mary Ellen

  • Bonnie Boatwright

    Hello, I stopped by your blog to view photos of architecture you took in Columbus, IN back in 2006. I live in Columbus and am studying to be a Visitor’s Center tour guide. Doing some research this morning and came upon your photos. A lot has changed in Columbus in the past 6 years. You should come back and see all the new architecture!

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