Up the Umpqua

The day after our trip up Table Rock was also clear and sunny, so we looked for another place to explore. My left ankle was very stiff, so it would have to be mostly driving, but we really wanted to get out somewhere. The Umpqua is the next major river north of the Rogue, and the highway up the Umpqua Valley has the nickname “the waterfall highway”, so it seemed like a good bet. The valley starts out as a pleasant farming area, it’s at a lower altitude and many of the trees were starting to bloom.

We started seeing interesting geologic features at the town of Glide, where we found the colliding rivers. See the photos for a description. A little further on we found a lava chute where the river got compressed into a very narrow passage. There are pictures of that, too.

Further up the river we started getting to the real waterfalls, but they were all up relatively short but steep walks, and I couldn’t make it up to them. We’ll try again later. The waterfalls should be more spectacular then anyway.


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