What I’m doing with this blog

When I retired it seemed that a large part of the reason for having a blog disappeared. Also, my blog was besieged by spam, and whenever I tried to update it something went wrong.  I’ve been accumulating lots of photos from family events and travel, and I know that some people would like to see them, so I decided to get serious about fixing it. The problems turned out to be with the hosting company, and some web research turned up many who had similar problems with them. ballfam.net was even worse, with a couple of thousand spam registrants. I got a new hosting company and moved all of the stuff over. It was simpler to create new blogs and import the data than to do a direct transfer. At the same time I switched over to hosting the photos directly instead of using gallery2 to do it. I merged the few pages from my professional blog that people might still like to see, and now have one blog for everything. Ballfam.net is also hosted on blogging software now. Take a look and see if you like it. I haven’t yet transferred all of the photos.

I’ve just posted some photos of recent trips, and will start adding posts from my backlog as time permits. I’m not going to backdate the posts, though, so the sequence might be a bit strange.


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