I promised Mama that I’d write another blog post, but when I tried to come up with something to write I had a deep and important realization. There are very few things duller than getting well. It makes drying paint look fascinating in comparison.

Basic News: We had an appointment with the surgeon’s assistant, who checked over X-rays, EKG output, and the actual body, then removed the sutures. Everything is pretty nominal. My symptoms were all expected. I’d say “I feel…” and he’d say “That’s called….”

On a more subjective basis, I feel pretty good. I’m walking farther, more frequently, and with more stamina each day. All the pretty colors and interesting visual effects have been disappearing as I get farther from 6 hours of anesthetic. The pain pills, which I still use to help me sleep at night, produce no such interesting effects.¬†On the other hand, they DO help me sleep which seems to be the most productive activity I have just now. The body feels better each time I wake up.

I realize that you really need to hear is “Here I am! Here I am!” and what I need in return is “So glad you are!”. See Harmonium for why that’s funny. What I will do is post more travel posts from the past, including the Bahamas and the Eastern Sierras. Your responses are welcome in the comments.


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