San Diego Presidio Park

The San Diego Presidio was the first European settlement on the west coast of America. The building you see here is not it, but a museum built about 40 feet higher on the hill. The original buildings were built with adobe, and are now just heaps of dirt. The hill was pretty bare when the Presidio was built, but you’d never know that now.

Modern details are below the fold.

Serra Museum nowThis is what the Museum looks like now. There is, as you see, considerably more foliage now, all maintained by a network of sprinklers.

The hill is a little over 200 feet high at its highest point, and is covered with a network of paths that go up and down the sides. The remains of the Presidio are covered with grass or gravel, and the local university is talking about renewing some of the excavations. It’s an interesting place to study, but we like it mostly because it’s a beautiful and uncrowded place to walk

Here is a small gallery of pictures we took on our last walk, mostly of the plants and other wildlife. It’s just starting to be spring here, and the blooms are lovely.


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