Update on Health

For those who want a post…  I’m doing much better. I’m starting to enjoy exercise, and I no longer walk like a zombie. I’d forgotten what it’s like to feel vigorous. I’ve moved up from level territory to hills, and walk up and down stairs in preference to taking the elevator. I can even come up the four floors from the garage to our apartment with only one short pause to puff.

I’ve just started back to doing some upper-body exercise, though with very light weights. I did, however, feel it this morning. My muscles didn’t like all that inactivity, even if it was necessary. I have to build up slowly to make sure I don’t harm the sternum before it fully knits.

All in all, I’m very happy with the fix. It also seems to have helped my diabetes and weight control. I think the lack of circulation may have been one reason I couldn’t loose weight. I had to drop plans for bariatric surgery, but it might not be necessary after all if I can control the diabetes without it. The problems crept up so slowly that I just wasn’t aware of them until they hit a crisis. At least there was no heart damage as there would be in a heart attack, so I can exercise freely without worrying about anything but the incision.

The really interesting news is in the next post.


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  • Charlie

    Great news on both posts. I remember it took Daddy a while to start feeling better, but then he started feeling a lot better. Great pictures of the new addition. Everybody looks tired, but happy.
    I had cataract surgery on Tuesday. No pain, and now I can see great out of one eye. I’ll get the other one done a week from next Tuesday.
    Glad you’re feeling better.
    You might try to communicate a little more frequently.

  • What I didn’t say was that even though I felt a lot better, I felt sleepy a lot. The doctor said that was my body healing from the wound. So my day’s pattern was

    • Exercise until I got tired
    • Collapse and sleep for a couple of hours
    • Repeat

    There wasn’t a lot of energy left over. But yeah, that’s all past now, and you are right, I could and should communicate more.

    Cataract surgery was a great improvement for me. No glasses, no contacts, and I could see again! The surprise was how much brighter colors were afterward.

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