Natan and I are Doing Fine

Natan is thriving. He’s adding weight as he should and is showing lots of interest in the world around him. Kevin and Tali seem to be getting along with less outside help, though they still look pretty tired.

I’m doing well too, walking for a couple of hours every other day and using the gym [...]


Natan’s First Days: More Baby Pictures

Here are some more baby pictures, this time from Rachel’s collection. Rather than putting them inline I’ve put them in a small gallery that you can see by clicking the thumbnail to the left. This avoids downloading enormous volumes of data when you are looking for something else.



Local Status

I hope you aren’t getting tired of baby pictures. There are going to be more.

Kevin, Tali, and Natan went home last night and spent the last night at home. This morning Kevin called Flo to see if she could come hold the baby for a while so they could get some sleep. She’s [...]


Welcome Natan Kevin Ball

Natan was born at 9:51 AM, Thursday March 7, 2013. He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21.25 inches long. He’s a big boy. The mother and father are tired, but happy and doing well.

They wanted a name that would sound familiar in both English and Hebrew, so they chose a version of Nathan. [...]


Our New House in Southern Oregon

As I said in the last post, we’ve just acquired a house in Southern Oregon. At the moment we have a contractor doing some repairs before we move in. We’re planning on moving sometime during the first couple of weeks in June.

We set out to buy a house in Ashland, which is a [...]


Bragging about the kid

Just a quick note to brag about Andy’s work at UCI, where he’s majoring in music. You can see and hear his end-of-class project online


The Roseate Gets Some Press

The November issue of PassageMaker magazine has a very nice article on the Roseate. It even made it onto the cover. If somebody (Charlie?) can get permission from the magazine, I’ll post the article online. Otherwise, I’ll put it on as soon as I get the current bug in my installation worked out [...]


The end of the year at UC Irvine

It’s the end of the year at UC Irvine, and we made a couple of trips up there to see and hear Andy perform. I missed a couple of them when I was in the Bahamas, so I had to go to these, even if one of them seemed awfully short for a lot of [...]


News of a boat trip to Egmont Key

I just got a call from my brother’s house. The whole family (except for those of us unlucky enough to be too far away) went on a trip on our new boat. They went to Egmont Key, which is in the mouth of Tampa Bay, and evidently got a wonderful tour. I really wish I [...]