Natan and I are Doing Fine

Natan is thriving. He’s adding weight as he should and is showing lots of interest in the world around him. Kevin and Tali seem to be getting along with less outside help, though they still look pretty tired.

I’m doing well too, walking for a couple of hours every other day and using the gym [...]


Local Status

I hope you aren’t getting tired of baby pictures. There are going to be more.

Kevin, Tali, and Natan went home last night and spent the last night at home. This morning Kevin called Flo to see if she could come hold the baby for a while so they could get some sleep. She’s [...]


Update on Health

For those who want a post… I’m doing much better. I’m starting to enjoy exercise, and I no longer walk like a zombie. I’d forgotten what it’s like to feel vigorous. I’ve moved up from level territory to hills, and walk up and down stairs in preference to taking the elevator. I can even come [...]



I promised Mama that I’d write another blog post, but when I tried to come up with something to write I had a deep and important realization. There are very few things duller than getting well. It makes drying paint look fascinating in comparison.

Basic News: We had an appointment with the surgeon’s assistant, who [...]


Gone Home

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday night about 9:00. I went to sleep quickly and had the first restful night since the operation. Since then, I’ve been sleeping a lot, with some walks around the halls every now and then.

There’s a real tradeoff between comfort and the ability to think. The pain [...]


Out of intensive care

I just got out of the surgical intensive care unit and into normal room. It wasn’t because I needed to be in intensive care, but because the normal bed wasn’t available. They are remodeling the hospital at the moment. Anyway they got the drain tubes out and I can move more readily. It’s time to [...]


Mike continues to do well

I just called the overnight nurse and he said Mike had a good night and continues to do well.

I talked to Mike a little bit and he said he did not have a very restful night as they kept stirring him up which waked him up all night. I know they were getting all [...]


Mike made it through surgery

The doctor came out & let us know that everything went well. They’ve just transfered him to the post-surgery ICU and we’ll get to see him shortly. More as we find it out.

-Flo & Kevin


Health News for Family

Last Friday I discovered that I have aortic valve stenosis, which means that the aortic valve in my heart won’t open properly. If it’s not treated, my chances over the next year are not good.

Next Thursday, that is 3 days from now, I’m going to have it replaced with a valve made from bovine [...]