Local Status

I hope you aren’t getting tired of baby pictures. There are going to be more.

Kevin, Tali, and Natan went home last night and spent the last night at home. This morning Kevin called Flo to see if she could come hold the baby for a while so they could get some sleep. She’s [...]


Welcome Natan Kevin Ball

Natan was born at 9:51 AM, Thursday March 7, 2013. He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21.25 inches long. He’s a big boy. The mother and father are tired, but happy and doing well.

They wanted a name that would sound familiar in both English and Hebrew, so they chose a version of Nathan. [...]


Cold Weather

This has been a weird winter, the warmest on record, but after some very spring-like weather that coaxed the blossoms out we had a hard freeze and snow. For example, we had a small snowstorm today. In the valley, it was mixed with rain, and it didn’t stick here, but it’s got the growers [...]


Our New House in Southern Oregon

As I said in the last post, we’ve just acquired a house in Southern Oregon. At the moment we have a contractor doing some repairs before we move in. We’re planning on moving sometime during the first couple of weeks in June.

We set out to buy a house in Ashland, which is a [...]


Settled Down

We’re finally settled down in a house (not an apartment) and have the rest of our stuff out of storage. I haven’t written anything because I just didn’t feel like it. I haven’t even been reading much, including other blogs. We’ve gotten stuff unpacked, and have even gone on a couple of day trips when [...]


Getting to a new normal

I’d say that things were getting back to normal, but everything is different, so it’s really getting to a new normal. Oh, did I mention that while I was gone to Washington, they moved my office? I have a nice window, looking out at the parking lot and the freeway. It’s actually not bad. The [...]


It’s Been a Long Dry Spell

I realize that I haven’t been keeping up my end of this blogging deal, but I have an excuse. This moving stuff is distracting, especially when combined with a new job where I’m trying to learn what’s going on. I’m supposed to initiate a new area using an established framework, so I have to learn [...]


What an Introduction to California

My brother Charlie and his wife Donna came out to visit us in San Diego last week. It started out well, with the usual trips around the coast and mountains. We were trying to get a glimpse of the recent burn, but never did. Then, while Charlie and Donna took in Balboa Park and the [...]


I’ll see your heatwave and raise you an alltime high

Talk about heat waves! We had lots of all time highs around here. In La Mesa, where we live, it was 113 today. Oh yeah, we’re having a monsoon, too, so the humidity was 58% instead our our usual 15-20% when we get hot.

Naturally, this put all time record stress on the power supplies, [...]


Moving on

It’s all signed and sealed, and I’ve called most of my colleagues whom I wanted to inform personally.

I just accepted an offer from MicroSoft to work for them in the Bay Area. They are starting a new operation there with a focus on multi-threading compilers and tools, and it seems like it’s just made [...]