An enjoyable mystery show

I read this article in the paper today when the title caught my eye.

We’ve been watching a fair number of “Midsomer Murders” on DVD from Netflix recently, and we really enjoy them. We sort of space them out, because too much at once is definitely cloying, but they are worth checking out.

This [...]


A Quiet Couple of Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been mostly quiet and boring. The most interesting thing was Andy’s return from a trip to England with his choir. He had some nice pictures and some good stories, but those are his to tell, not mine. I spent a week flat on my back with some kind of [...]


A Rare Sight in San Diego

You don’t get to see this very often, so I thought I’d share the current view from our deck. Those are the Cuyamaca and Laguna mountains with record snowfall. I’m sure glad that we got home in time to miss it.


A last word before we go

We’re about to take off for Death Valley, which should be interesting. We’re renting an RV, which we pick up today, then heading out tomorrow morning. I’m going to be interested in how well I tolerate such a large vehicle. I’m also wondering about how the cat is going to take it, since we are [...]


Excuses, Excuses

It’s been a long time since my last post, and the only excuse I have to offer is that I’ve been recovering from one of the more exhausting weeks I’ve ever spent. I sort of left you hanging, assuming that someone is listening

We tried to recover our position when we gave the [...]


Foggy Nights, Foggy Days

I came home last night after playing D&D, and discovered that the road home was fogged in. For those who haven’t been there, our road curves around the side of a hill (mountain to you Easterners), and it doesn’t have much use for things like curbs or sidewalks. In fact, it doesn’t have much use [...]


More Hummingbirds

Well, the last batch of hummingbirds may have disappeared, but we seem to have a new batch that just arrived. We’ve been having a warm spell that last two days, and I was out on the deck using the phone to attend a presentation. The hummingbirds were out on the deck belly up to the [...]


Dungeons and Dragons

Last Friday I went over to a friends house to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Contrary to rumors, there is nothing of the occult in it, since everyone playing is acutely aware of the artificiality of it. You don’t cast a spell, you say “I cast XXX” and describe what you are doing. The roll [...]


The Flight of the Hummingbirds

The last of the hummingbirds went south today. We may see a few stragglers, but the smart ones have moved on for another year. I think our unseasonable weather seduced them into staying longer than normal Some time about late August we will start seeing swarms of them again.

Clicking on the picture [...]


Christmas was here!

I’m trying something rather different with pictures this post. Instead of embedding large images, with possibly slow loading, I’m including small images. you can see the large image by clicking on the smaller one. It should appear in a pop-up box by itself. See how this works for you and let me know which [...]