I promised Mama that I’d write another blog post, but when I tried to come up with something to write I had a deep and important realization. There are very few things duller than getting well. It makes drying paint look fascinating in comparison.

Basic News: We had an appointment with the surgeon’s assistant, who [...]


Reading blogs

Blogs are a fascinating phenomenon. I indulge very lightly compared to many, but there are still more than I can keep up with. I list some of them in the sidebar. I was reading a post in presentsimple (she has problems keeping up too), but I was struck by her mention of culture. Can you [...]


A Trip to the County Fair

Flo was helping out at the fair booth for the Machine Knitters Guild, which got her two tickets for free admission. I couldn’t turn this down, so this afternoon I went to join her there. Besides, I like fairs. At least I thought I did.

Either the fair is changing, or I’m changing, or both, [...]


We Know Far Less Than We Think

This is an interesting list from the New Scientist: 13 things that do not make sense.

I love things like this. I’ve always been convinced that we know far less than we believe we do, and stuff like this just guarantees an interesting future. We haven’t quite hit the end of science yet……



My ex-father-in-law died last week, and I just went to his memorial service. If this seems a bit odd, let’s just say that I admired and liked him, and I had a bit of mourning to do. The service was the usual sort, with a minister who never knew him, and talked about how he [...]